Synnwyr Busnes- Business Sense (a specialist support service in sustainable development based at Bangor University ) conducted a sustainability heath-check of the business and concluded that:

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‘The results of this health-check show that the company are proactive in their approach to all three dimensions (Economy, Society, Environment) that must be balanced for sustainable development. The proprietor has an excellent and improving awareness of the issues, with action already taken on 86% of the ‘concern and action’ issues covered in the health-check, and an ethos of ongoing high standards.

Some of the sustainability activities we undertake are as follows:

Workshop Management
Researching  raw material  production processes, emissions & waste
Avoiding use of environmentally sensitive materials
Sourcing all wood from sustainable forestry, locally managed wherever possible
Careful planning and ordering of raw materials so as to maximise use, and minimise waste
Recycling of waste products: wood shavings and sawdust recycled by briquetting company, unusable timber used as firewood
Green bin used for recycling paper/card/plastic wrapping/milk cartons etc
Office Management
Careful use of stationary, using and reusing recycled materials where possible
Use of Aberystwyth CRAFT for sourcing and donation of office equipment where possible
Recycling of paper and plastic office waste
Recycling of printer cartridges and toners through charity collections i.e. Crossroads, Red Cross
Electronic and telephone communication favored
Use of energy efficient lighting
Travel and Deliveries
Limiting site visits though careful organisation and planning
Utilisation of a smaller number of larger deliveries rather than trickle ordering
Usage of suppliers large ‘multi drop’ delivery runs rather than individual deliveries
Minimisation of business mileage through route planning; diesel vehicles used

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