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Chris Lewis Joinery

A small woodworking firm based in Aberystwyth, mid Wales. We concentrate on producing quality, individually manufactured woodwork. 

Interiors & Exteriors

I supply and install all forms of interior and exterior architectural joinery, from a single item to all the joinery for an entire house or project.

Custom Installations

I supply all forms of custom cabinet-work and joinery, manufactured and installed, and all designed from your ideas. Provide me with your hand drawings, a picture in a book, a magazine clipping or a photo of the item that inspired you, or if you have them, professionally produced plans. We can then discuss and work up your design together.

Refurbish & Repairs

Are you refurbishing or repairing existing woodwork? I can help you here if you need specific items producing, say for instance a new sash for an existing window or matching old mouldings and profiles for original skirting or architraves.

Access to other specialist services

I have access to most, if not all, specialist related services, e.g. turning, custom veneering, etc.

Sustainably Sourced

All my timber is sourced from ethical producers who aim to avoid deforestation, especially with tropical hardwoods as these tend to originate from rain-forests. Happily, we now have products such as Accoya for painted exterior joinery, plus various plantation grown timbers that address the issue of the deforestation of virgin rain-forest.

When I can source it, I like to use locally produced timber. This supply is improving year on year as the re-forestation of Wales continues. Various organisations such as Wood Source Wales and Wood Knowledge Wales are all working to make this happen.

I also try to operate the workshop on a sustainable basis. During the winter months the workshop is heated by burning my own wood-waste. Within the last two years all the workshop lighting has been converted to LED’s.  

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Stairs
  • Kitchens
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Freestanding Furniture
  • Commercials

Bespoke Built In or Freestanding Furniture

About Chris Lewis Joinery

Chris Lewis Joinery is a small woodworking firm based in Aberystwyth. We concentrate on producing quality, individually manufactured woodwork.

We can manufacture and fit any item made from wood or wood based material e.g. doors, windows, stairs, kitchens, bedroom and bathroom furniture, bookcases, cabinets. Other services that we can source and manage to complete a job are veneering, turning and carving.

We work directly for clients but also architects and designers, and can provide as much or as little design support as required.

We can provide a supply and fit or supply only service and are happy to travel if the project makes it economically viable e.g. we have clients as far away as London.

Wherever possible we try to source products locally. All wood used comes from sustainable forests and all waste is reused or recycled wherever possible. Please click here for further information.

I have access to most, if not all, specialist related services, e.g. turning, custom veneering, etc.

We are experienced

I Have Almost 40 Years of Experience in The Industry


Trained originally as a joiner and now with almost forty years of experience across just about every type of joinery and cabinet-making, there really isn’t anything I feel unable to tackle. Put simply, if it is beyond me, it probably isn’t joinery!


Accoya is the global brand in ‘modified’ high technology timber. For exterior joinery it offers exceptional durability and stability, generally outperforming the very best tropical hardwoods. It is in effect the holy grail of joinery timber, in fact so good that a number of potential customers have simply refused to believe it is true.

Despite the timber’s very impressive credentials, it is still a very sustainable material. Accoya starts life as Radiata pine, plantation grown in New Zealand.  

High Quality, Ethically Sourced Materials

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